18th March 2018

The winner of the Golden Rod Feeder Championship 2018 is Charlie Simpson – 3 points, total weight 106-10-00

Collecting £12,000

Second – Steve Ringer 3 points, total weight 80-02-00

Collecting £7,000

Third – Richard Pennington 3 points, total weight 44-09-00

Collecting £4,000

Fourth – Les Thompson, 4 points, total weight 106-06-00

Collecting £2,000

A more detailed report will be on the site soon.

Here are a few photos of today’s final, with weather resembling Siberia with the snow and biting wind.


3rd October 2017
Qualifiers who have purchased additional tickets can sell their surplus tickets to friends or associates.
Simply sell your ticket on.
The purchaser must produce the transferred ticket or order no so the name change can be registered with the match organiser on the morning of the qualifier. This must be done before 8.30am on the morning of the match. Alternatively, if youve already qualified, you can use your additional tickets to fish the matches and fish for the pool only on the day. 
Phil Briscoe. Golden Rod event organiser.