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Now the dust has settled from the brilliant 2017 Grand Final fished at Larford Lakes, the site is going live for purchase of the 2018 qualifier tickets from November 1st 2017 

 24 qualifiers will be staged at the country’s top commercial venues. 

The chosen venues will host 100 to 120 peg qualifiers and the winner of each qualifier will progress to the Grand Final at Larford Lakes on Saturday September 15th 2018  


As last year,you canpurchase tickets online for £50 each. 

Winner of the final is guaranteed a massive £50,000, second £5000, third £3000. 

In addition to this massive prize fund, section winners will also collect £1000 (payable to the finalists outside of the top 3 mainframe) 

So in total £62,000 will be payable on the day of the final  

The event will again be covered by  Catch More Media Facebook coverage .

Stuart Fotheringham

Pictured is the 2017 Golden Reel Champion Stuart Fotheringham, collecting a life-changing £50,000 and the prestigious title.

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2018 Dates & Venues

Saturday 24th March 2018Viaduct120 Pegs01458274022
Saturday 31st March 2018Larford120 Pegs01299829373
Saturday 7th April 2018Monk Lakes100 Pegs01622833332
Sunday 8th April 2018Larford120 Pegs01299829373
Saturday 14th April 2018Coleman Cottage120 Pegs01376516383
Sunday 15th April 2018The Glebe100 Pegs07711711650
Saturday 21st April 2018Partridge Lakes120 Pegs07469981743
Saturday 28th April 2018Decoy Lakes120 Pegs01733202230
Saturday 12th May 2018Viaduct120 Pegs01458274022
Sunday 20th May 2018Westwood Lakes120 Pegs01205724162
Wednesday 23rd May 2018The Glebe100 Pegs07711711650
Saturday 26th May 2018Lindholme120 Pegs01427875555
Saturday 2nd June 2018Partridge Lakes120 Pegs07469981743
Sunday 3rd June 2018Barston Lakes100 Pegs07850377766
Saturday 9th June 2018Heron Brook120 Pegs07879441282
Saturday 16th June 2018Larford120 Pegs01299829373
Wednesday 20th June 2018Decoy Lakes120 Pegs01733202230
Saturday 30th June 2018The Glebe100 Pegs07711711650
Saturday 14th July 2018Heron Brook120 Pegs07879441282
Wednesday 18th July 2018The Glebe100 Pegs07711711650
Saturday 21st July 2018Lindholme120 Pegs01427875555
Sunday 22nd July 2018Larford120 Pegs01299829373
Friday 24th August 2018Partridge Lakes120 Pegs07469981743
Saturday 25th August 2018Larford120 Pegs01299829373



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