Golden Reel Competition

Tony Coates Wins £50,000 Golden Reel 2020 Final!

Golden Reel Grand Final, Larford Lakes, Saturday 12th September 2020

The long and difficult year of nationwide qualifiers concluded at Larford Lakes on Saturday 12th September.

The field of 22 finalists arrived to make their Golden draw at 9am all hoping for the winning £50,000 peg.
Leading up to the final, it was virtually impossible to forecast where it could be won from with most, it not all the finalists pegs fishing really well.
By 9:30am the draw was concluded, placing anglers on the pegs as listed –

Peg 1 Gareth Lenox Peg 12 Kieran Marsden
Peg 2 Tom Edwards Peg 13 Rob Taylor
Peg 3 Fran O’Rielly Peg 14 Matt Wiles
Peg 4 Chris Weeder Jnr Peg 15 Ben Townsend
Peg 5 Luke Bamford Peg 16 Andy Power
Peg 6 Gareth Gronow Peg 17 Craig Edmunds
Peg 7 Sam Brown Peg 18 Ryan McKinley
Peg 8 Sam Slockett Peg 19 Lee Riley
Peg 9 Mikey Williams Peg 20 Perry Stone
Peg 10 James Evans Peg 21 Jason Dunwoth
Peg 11 Tony Coates Peg 22 John Hannam


Fishing was from 12-5pm, conditions were difficult with a very high pressure set it, gentle breeze and highs of around 22C and bright sunshine.
Needless to say, the lakes totally switched off with fish swimming shallow and certainly not looking to feed.

The early runner were Sam Brown from peg 7 who caught a few decent carp on the method feeder, Mickey Williams from peg 9 to both feeder and pole, James Evans from peg 10 also on the feeder.
At the half way point, it was evident that the fish were in a very difficult mood with 40lbs being a good weight at this stage.

As the match progressed, peg 28 started to catch well and it was Tony Coates leading the field.
The last hour started to produce a few edge fish and in all fairness, anyone could win if they were to put together a string of decent edge fish.
The last 30 minutes saw peg 22 catching well and it was Welsh rod, John Hannam doing the damage on bomb and pellet.

On the whistle, it was evident that both peg 11 and peg 22 were close.

At the scales, John Hannam, peg 22 weighed in 59-1-0 of carp and F1’s and peg 28 lifting the trophy and £50,000 winning cheque with 68-1-0

It was a remarkable performance by Tony Coates, who qualified from Wednesday’s Semi -Final with 222-8-0 from peg 28.

To draw the same peg again against all the odds but on a very difficult day, his method feeder tactics casting tight to the island rewarded him with the Golden Reel Champion title 2020 and a massive pay day of £50,000.

1st Peg 11 Tony Coates 68.01
2nd Peg 22 John Hannam 59.01
3rd Peg 10 James Evans 45.13
4th Peg 18 Ryan McKinley 44.09
5th Peg 2 Tom Edwards 43.09
6th Peg 14 Matt Wiles 40.13
7th Peg 12 Kieran Marsden 40.09
8th Peg 9 Mikey Williams 35.15
9th Peg 7 Sam Brown 35.08
10th Peg 19 Lee Riley 30.04
11th Peg 6 Gareth Gronow 29.14
12th Peg 8 Sam Slockett 27.05
13th Peg 1 Gareth Lenox 27.01
14th Peg 17 Craig Edmunds 25.05
15th Peg 21 Jason Dunwoth 20.09
16th Peg 16 Andy Power 19.02
17th Peg 5 Luke Bamford 18.02
18th Peg 13 Rob Taylor 17
19th Peg 4 Chris Weeder Jnr 11.14
20th Peg 20 Perry Stone 10.03
21st Peg 15 Ben Townsend 8.08
22nd Peg 3 Fran O’Rielly 0


Now that the dust has settled from the 2019 final, the site is going live for purchases of the 2020 qualifier tickets from November 4th 7pm

 20 qualifiers will be staged at the country’s top commercial venues. 


20 qualifiers will be staged at the country’s top commercial venues 
The winner of each individual qualifier will progress to the Grand Final at Larford Lakes on Saturday 12th September 2020.

As last year, you can purchase tickets online by going to and select the venues and dates required from the site.

Subject to sales of 80 or more tickets per qualifier, Golden Reel will pay £50,000 to the eventual winner, £5,000 to second and £3,000 to third plus 4 section winners.

The event will again be covered by Catch More Media on Facebook, Angling Times and possible national TV coverage.

Revised 2020 Dates & Venues

Saturday 21 March 2020Viaduct Fishery100 Pegs
Sunday 22 March 2020Woodland View100 Pegs
Sunday 07 June 2020Larford Lakes100 Pegs
Saturday 13 June 2020Partridge Lakes100 Pegs
Saturday 20 June 2020Woodland View100 Pegs
Wednesday 24 June 2020Larford Lakes100 Pegs
Saturday 27 June 2020Lindhome Lake100 Pegs
Wednesday 01 July 2020Larford Lakes100 Pegs
Saturday 04 July 2020The Glebe100 Pegs
Wednesday 08 July 2020Larford Lakes100 Pegs
Wednesday 15 July 2020Heron Brook100 Pegs
Saturday 25 July 2020Larford Lakes100 Pegs
Tuesday 28 July 2020Decoy100 Pegs
Sunday 09 August 2020Larford Lakes100 Pegs
Saturday 15 August 2020Partridge Lakes100 Pegs
Wednesday 19 August 2020The Glebe100 Pegs
Saturday 22 August 2020Weston Pools100 Pegs
Saturday 29 August 2020The Glebe100 Pegs
Wednesday 02 September 2020Decoy100 Pegs
Saturday 05 September 2020Larford Lakes100 Pegs



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