Golden Reel Qualifier – Viaduct Fishery – Saturday 12th May 2018

Lakes :- Campbell, Cavy, Lodge & Spring


83 anglers turned out for this latest qualifier. Conditions on the day were bright sunshine but a cold easterly breeze.

The drop in temperature stopped the fish from feeding to a point and weights were down compared to a few days previous.

That being said, the brilliant Viaduct Fishery still provided plenty of excellent weights.

Over all the winner on the day was Paul Morris who drew peg 121 on the Campbell Lake.

Paul fished 8mm pellet on the pole to depth and later down his margin feeding 6mm pellet as feed.

His total weight was 184-08-00, well over 50lbs clear of his nearest rival.

Paul progresses to the Grand Final in September.


Second on the day was Nick Miller (Mossella) who drew peg 111 on Campbell.

Nick chose to fish bomb & pellet both long and short landing a very impressive 130-14-00 of carp.


Third placed David Crandon drew peg 94 on the Cavy Pool and fished pole and pellet down his edges recording a weight of 128-02-00.


Fourth on the day was Danny Bache (Bag’em). Dan drew peg 135 on Campbell and fished the long pole pinging pellets and later switched to his edges to land 116-08-00 of carp.


Fifth placed Tony Gilbert (Thatchers) drew 132 on Campbell and opted to fish the long pole with pellet which produced quality carp for a total weight of 112-00-00


Sixth overall was Chris kitchin (Matrix) who drew peg 61 on the Lodge Lake.

Chris fished at 5m with meat and also down his margin to record a weight of 103-08-00


All in all, an excellent qualifier well organised by the Viaduct staff.

Our sincere thanks for hosting a superb qualifier.

 Golden Reel Qualifier – Decoy Lakes – Saturday 28th April 2018

Conditions for the 8th Golden Reel Qualifier were far from perfect with heavy cold rain overnight, a stiff north wind and temperatures of just 5C.

Hardly late April conditions which was more like January weather to say the least.

72 anglers braved the adverse weather and it was Adam Major (Wensom Valley, Matrix / Marukyu) who won the day.

Adam drew peg 4 on the  Beastie Lake and fished short with pellet finding some quality carp. Later switching to his margins with dead reds to finish the day with 152-04-00 and a place in the September Grand Final.


Second on the day was local rod Jon Whincup (Frenzee). Jon drew peg 7 on the Beastie Lake and chose to fish the 14m pole with pellet to land an impressive 124-02-00.


Third placed Lee Thornton (Middy) drew peg 5 on cedar fishing most of his match down the edges with maggots weighing in 117-01-00.


Nick Smith was fourth overall with a weight of 106-04-00 from peg 26 on Oak.

Nick chose to fish a simple but effective match with the short pole & pellet landing some good carp.


Fifth on the day was Jimmy Brooks who drew peg 24 on cedar.

Jimmy fished the long pole with pellet and later switched to his edges with maggot to land 104-03-00.


Sixth overall was Matt Higgins from peg 7 on the Elm Lake.
Matt fished the short pole with pellets weighing in 97-13-00.


All in all, conditions were far from perfect but a big compliment to Decoy Lakes, which as always produced some excellent sport.

Our thanks to Decoy Lakes and all the fishery staff for hosting an excellent qualifier.


Golden Reel Qualifier – Partridge Lakes – Saturday 21st April 2018

Considering the number of major events clashing with this latest qualifier, numbers were good with 82 anglers turning out to hopefully qualify for the £50K September final.

Conditions at last were perfect with highs of 23C and a gentle SW breeze.

The previous two days of very warm sunshine certainly woke up all the resident F1’s and carp and the match produced a staggering 48 100lbs+ weights topped by three weights over 200lbs.
Winner was Les Marshall (Dynamite / Elite Elastics) who drew peg 17 on the Spey  Lake.
Les fished worm down his edges and caster shallow, landing a massive 266-11-00.
Fishing a near perfect match weighing in mainly F1’s to finish the day over 30lbs clear of second place.
Runner up today was Steve Openshaw (Maruku / Mossella) who drew peg 70 on Covey 3.
Steve fished the pole with caster shallow and worms down his edge landing 231-15-00. Steve is making it a habit of finishing second, so hopefully he will make the final soon.
Third on the day was Ryan Lidgard with 201-05-00 of F1’s and carp.
Ryan drew peg 104 on covey 5 and fished pellet down his edges and caster shallow.
Fourth placed Kieron Marsden (Cresta / Dynamite) drew peg 5 on Marsh and chose to fish caster shallow and down his edges weighing in 199-12-00.
Fifth in the match was Ian Kent (Spotted fin) who drew peg 80 on Covey 4.
Ian fished a simple match by fishing shallow at just 5m recording a very impressive 191-00-00
6th placed Jake Nightingale fished pellet tight to the far bank and caster shallow to record a weight of 190-02-00.
What a brilliant match for all the field with 48 big 100lbs + catches and three weights breaking the magical 200lbs barrier.
Partridge Lakes must be the jewel in the crown with catches like these.
A big thank you to Barbara and the entire fishery staff for hosting this remarkable qualifier.


Golden Reel Qualifier – The Glebe – Sunday 14th April 2018


A near full house of 98 anglers participated in the 6th Golden Reel qualifier at the famous Glebe Fishery.

Two anglers failed to show, otherwise a full house of 100 anglers competed today for a place in the £50k Grand Final.
Winner today was Mark Griffiths (Daiwa/ Guru) who drew peg 1 on Lake 1.
Mark found feeding carp instantly on the pellet waggler shallow and caught at pace all day. Fishing 8mm pellet, Mark caught carp to 5lbs every cast and also found a few carp at 14m on the pole and pellet down his edge.
The Daiwa/Guru sponsored angler fished a near perfect match finally bringing a massive 272-15-00 to the scales.
Second on the day was Welsh rod Richard A’herne (Frenzee) who drew next to the winner on peg 2, lake 1.
Rich started on the feeder casting inches away from the far bank. This method provided plenty of bites from the feeding carp.
Later, Rich switched to the pellet waggler and bagged for the last two hours of the match.
At the whistle, Rich weighed an impressive 128-10-00 of carp.
3rd placed Lee Farmer drew peg 90 on pool 6 and fished the pellet waggler all day with banded 8mm pellet landing 123-05-00 of carp to 5lbs.
4th on the day was welsh rod Mikey Williams (Guru). Mike drew peg 31 on pool 2 and fished the 16m pole for five hours catching carp and a few bream to pellets to record a weight of 122-05-00
5th placed Mark Jones (Tredegar Tackle) drew pool 9 peg 120.
Mark  set off at pace landing around 80lbs of fish in the first two hours but his swim died later in the match.
Mark recorded a weight of 113-09-00.
6th on the day was Sam Collett (Guru) with 112-01-00 from peg 50 on pool 3.
Sam fished the pole down his edge with pellet for most of the match.
As always a brilliant match at the Glebe and a very big thank you to Roy Marlow and all his staff.



Golden Reel Qualifier – Colemans Cottage – Saturday 14th April 2018

Lakes – Stepfield, Wood & Pathfield.

A disappointing attendance for this southern qualifier with only 45 anglers attending.
Again there was a big opportunity for the anglers in this area to enjoy an execellent days fishing at the fantastic Colemans Cottage fishery.
Conditions were excellent with highs of 16C, a gentle breeze and fish feeding shallow and to depth.


The winner today progressing to the 50,000 Grand Final in September was Pemb Wrighting who drew peg 8 on the Stepfield Lake.

The Guru sponsored angler started his match catching carp shallow and later switched to the long pole with pellet landing a very impressive 151-08-00 of carp.


Chasing Pemb all the way was Cliff Adams who drew peg 40 on the Wood lake.
Cliff was just over 5lbs behind the winner after the 5 hours, weighing in 144-00-00 to long pole & pellet.
3rd on the day was Peter Upperton (Guru / Bag’em) who drew peg 2 on the Wood Lake.
Pete caught his fish dobbing with pellet and later down his edge to record 143-08-00 at the scales.
4th placed Jason Collins (Map / Bait Tech) drew peg 1 on Stepfield again catching shallow on the pole and down his edges on pellet.
Jason weighed an impressive 128-08-00.
6th on the day was Geoff Edwards from peg 38 on the Wood Lake.
Geoff caught shallow and down his edge with pellets weighing in a level 124-00-00.
All in all, a brilliant match hosted by the brilliant Colemans Cottage.
Our thanks to all the management and fisher staff.


Golden Reel Qualifier – Larford Lakes – Sunday 8th April 2018

60 anglers fished this latest qualifier at Colmic / Bag’em Larford lakes.
The conditions presented near flat calm water with a few light showers early in the match.
The specimen lake still has very low water temperatures so sport was far from what it should be for early April.
Certain pegs on the Match Lake produced some good results but the Specimen Lake remained very moody.

Winner on the day was Ian Wood who drew peg 38 on the Match Lake.
Ian was tucked away in the top bowl of the Match Lake and presented paste bait down his edge landing a superb 236-00-00 of carp & F1’s.
Ian’s weight was over 135lbs clear of his nearest rival and puts him in with a chance of pocketing the massive £50,000 in the September final.
2nd on the day was Ray Lamb who drew fancied peg 30 on the Match Lake.
Ray fished the pole with pellet landing carp and F1’s. During the match Ray lost a number of fish in the lily beds but still weighed a superb 130-13-00.
3rd placed Warren Jennings (Bag’em) is probably one of the most unlucky anglers out there. Having fished 4 qualifiers to date, He’s finished in the top 6 in all of them.
Warren drew peg 48 on the Specimen Lake catching 4 big carp long with pellet then later switching to his edges to find 8 big carp down his margins to weight 126-12-00. Warren caught his edge with corn.
4th placed Lee Pesticcio (Mossella) had a brilliant match fishing peg 10 on the Match Lake.
From the all in, Lee had fish showing in his margins so that became his main focus. Fishing pellet and corn, he went on to weigh 121-11-00 of quality carp and F1’s.
5th placed Alison Jones (Colmic) fished a very tidy match fishing corn down her margins landing 94-00-00 of quality carp and F1’s.
6th on the day was Phil Canning (Frenzee) with 85-07-00 from peg 66 on the Specimen Lake. Most of Phil’s fish came to corn on the pole.
Our thanks to Larford Lakes and all the fishery staff.

Golden Reel Qualifier – Monk Lakes – Saturday 7th April 2018

A disappointing turn out of 57 anglers due to a busy match calendar across the country and lack of support from the southern match anglers.

For qualifier to continue in the south of England the southern anglers will have to show their support for any future qualifiers or lose the opportunity of qualifiers in these given areas.

Those that failed to support this qualified lost the opportunity to fish a brilliant match at the fantastic Monk Lakes fishery.

Weights were tremendous so full credit to Monk Lakes and all their staff.


Winner on the day was Ross Harold who drew peg 67 on Lake 2.

Ross fished the 13m pole to the far bank of the lake with soft hook pellets landing 171-04-00 of carp.

But it was a close run result and Ross was less than 2lbs clear of second place. That being said, he fished a brilliant match and now progresses to the grand final in September.


Second on the day was James Taylor who drew peg 70 on Lake 2.

James also fished the long pole to the far bank with soft hook pellets landing 169-14-00.

One more fish would have put him through to the 50k final.


3rd placed Mike Macmillan drew peg 58 on Lake 2 and fished the long pole with soft hookers landing 162-10-00.

His efforts could easily have put him through to the grand final. 2 more fish would have probably been enough.


4th on the day was Richard Bond from peg 112 on lake 3.

Rich fished 14m with 4mm expanders weighing in 156-08-00.


5th placed Derek Gladwin fished pellet over groundbait long and down his edges to finish the day with 151-12-00 from peg 16 on lake 1.


6th on the day was Perry Stone who drew peg 8 on Lake 1 weighing in 136-08-00.


A brilliant match and full credit to the brilliant Monk Lakes and all its staff.



Golden Reel Qualifier – Larford Lakes – Saturday 31st March 2018

90 anglers turned out for the second qualifier of the 2018 series of qualifiers.

Conditions were not favourable with a stiff easterly wind and temperatures of just 4-5C.

Furthermore, heavy overnight rain reduced the water temperature further.  Needless to say, fishing was difficult with most of the resident carp and bream shutting shop.

Winner on the day was Mick Bull (Frenzee / Bag’em) who drew peg 9 on the Arena Lake.

Mick started his match on the method with popped up bread landing 3 early carp.

Later switching to the 14m pole, Mick caught quality carp steady all match to hard pellet & corn to weigh an impressive 97-00-00.

Mick makes his way to the September Grand Final.


2nd on the day was Pete Jones (Colmic) who drew peg 86 on the Specimen Lake.

Pete had a great first four hours catching carp to 15lbs on the pole fished at 8m with corn. Later in the match, Pete switched to his edge to find some more quality carp.

With an hour remaining, both of his swims died so he had to settle for 75-15-00 and runner up spot.


3rd placed Richard Maturi drew peg 82 on the Specimen Lake and fished at 10m for the duration of the match.

Rich fished corn landing carp to 15lbs and weighing a total of 75-13-00.


4th on the day was Warren Jennings (Bag’em) who drew peg 11 on the Arena Lake.

Warren fished at 14m with hard pellet and corn to weigh 65-03-00.


5th placed Ray Lamb (Larford) drew peg 10 on the Specimen Lake and found some early carp on the method. Later switching to his 6m line with corn to add a couple more carp to weigh 58-08-00


6th on the day was Steve Rocke (Larford) who drew peg 56 on the Match Lake.

Steve fished the pellet cone short with corn to weigh 50-11-00.


Our thanks to Larford Lakes and all the staff for hosting the second national qualifier.

Our congratulations to Mick Bull for reaching the Grand Final.





Golden Reel Qualifier – Viaduct Fishery – Saturday 24th March 2018


The first Golden Reel qualifier for 2018 took place at the fabulous Viaduct fishery on Saturday.

86 anglers turned out hoping to secure the first big money qualification spot.

Conditions were much better than previous weeks with a mixture of sunshine and cloud cover with a gentle breeze and highs of 14C


Winner on the day was Dan White (Garbolino / Spotted Fish) who drew peg 85 on Cary’s Lake.

Dan caught on the 16m pole pinging pellets fished to depth weighing a very impressive 178lbs of quality carp.


2nd placed Charlie Dalton (Rive Homestores) was right up there in the race to qualify falling just 5lbs short with a weight of 173-05-00 from peg 15 on Spring.

Charlie caught most of his fish a meat fished in the margins fished at 8m.


3rd on the day was Luke Hancock who drew peg 112 on Campell. Luke fished pole & pellet fished at 14.5m with his 6m meat line producing some quality carp later in the match. Luke finished the day with 152-07-00.


4th placed Matt Blackmore ( Garbolino / Dynamite) continued his good form weighing in 140-09-00 from peg 113 on Cambell.

Matt fished at 14.5 with meat and later switched to his 6m line with meat landing quality carp.


5th on the day was Nick Chedzoy who drew peg 111 on Campbell.

Nick caught most of his fish on the lead with pellet and meat to weigh 139-00-00.


6th placed Warren Jennings (Bag’em) drew peg 114 on Campbell and fished long pole with pellet and meat short to finish the day with 138-06-00.


So all in all, a brilliant qualifier returning very impressive weights from all the lakes.

A very well done to all the Viaduct fishery staff for hosting a very impressive qualifier.