Larford Commercial Feeder Championship
Match & Specimen Lakes, 54 anglers fished.

Day 1 Tuesday 12th October.
The opening day was fine weather with highs of around 17C.

Match Lake
Winner on the Match Lake was Ray Lamb with 135-10-0.
Second overall was Warren Jennings with 123-9-0
Third overall was Paul Cook with 121-12-0

Specimen Lake
Winner on the Specimen Lake was Neil McKinnon with 103-3-0
Second overall was Steve Brindley  with 95-9-0
Third overall was Neil Colcombe with 95-1-0

Day 2 Wednesday 13th October

Match Lake
Winner was Max Higgott with 178-0-0
Second was Neil McKinnon with 145-15-0
Third was Geoff Edwards with 118-15-0

Specimen Lake
Winner was Neil Colcombe with 153-11-0
Second was Alan Harrison with 105-7-0
Third was Ray Lamb with 85-13-0

Day 3 Thursday 14th October

Match Lake
Winner was John Jones with 169-13-0
Second was Kieran Rich with 129-2-0
Third was Mark Turner with 107-10-0

Specimen Lake
Winner was Ray Lamb with 155-14-0
Second was Simon Parker with 121-12-0
Third was Neil Colcombe with 98-13-0


Section Winners

Day 1
Match Lake
Section A Pegs 1-10 Ray Lamb 135-10-0
Section B Pegs 11-21 Neil Colcombe 95-1-0
Section C Pegs 22-30 Paul Cook 121-12-0

Specimen Lake
Section D Pegs 1-9 Geoff Edwards 80-4-0
Section E Pegs 10-19 Max Higgott 73-0-0
Section F Pegs 20-30 Neil McKinnon 103-3-0

Day 2
Match Lake
Section A Pegs 1-10 Neil McKinnon 145-15-0
Section B Pegs 11-21 Max Haggot 178-0-0
Section C Pegs 22-30 Geoff Edwards 118-15-0

Specimen Lake
Section D Pegs 1-9 Allan Harrison 105-7-0
Section E Pegs 10-19 Neil Colcombe 153-11-0
Section F Pegs 20-30 Phil Briscoe 76-15-0

Day 3
Match Lake
Section A Pegs 1-10 Mark Turner 107-10-0
Section B Pegs 11-21 John Jones 169-13-0
Section C Pegs 22-30 Matt Pillay 86-9-0

Specimen Lake
Section D Pegs 1-9 Simon Parker 121-12-0
Section E Pegs 10-19 Max Higgott 61-10-0
Section F Pegs 20-30 Ray Lamb 155-14-0

Overall results-

1St Max Higgott 3pts
2nd Ray Lamb 4 pts (Weight 377-5-0)
3rd Neil Colcombe 4pts (Weight 347-9-0)
4th Paul Cook 7pts (Weight 261-8-0
5th Matt Pillay 7pts (Weight 215-11-0)
6th Neil McKinnon 8pts
7th Steve Rocke 9pts (Weight 263-9-0)
8th Dave Hughes 9pts (Weight 229-5-0)
9th Phil Briscoe 9pts (Weight 210-2-0)
10th Andy Stepney 10pts (Weight)
11th Geoff Edwards
12th Jason Cawthorne
13th Simon Sruth
14th George Parker
15th Warren Jennings
16th John Jones
17th Kevin Wadge
18th Steve Hanrahan
19th Steve Brindley
20th Tony Morris
21st Ian Didcott
22nd Paul Twigg
23rd Adam Goodwin
24th Allen Harrison
25th Kieran Rich
26th Simon Parker
27th Rob Wood
28th Charlie Simpson
29th James Wilkinson
30th Dave Briggs
31st Fred Barry
32nd Carl Williams
33rd Jordan Holloway
34th Dave Turton
35th Tim Lewis
36th Alan Hill
37th John Burt
38th Nick Grey
39th Darren Husselbe
40th Marius Grigaitis
41st Martyn Allen
42nd Paul Parsonage
43rd Colin Elliot
44th Craig Whittaker
45th Geoff Wiseman
46th Darren Jackson
47th Dave Whiting
48th Dave Grogan
49th Gary Kitching
50th Terry Winstone
51th Andy Bettney
52nd John Wilton
53rd Maxine Stroud
54th Brian Devlin

Tactics on both the Specimen & Match Lakes.

Specimen :- Open end cage feeder with ground bait and dead reds.
Method feeder fished short and down the edges with waffter hook baits, meat & corn.
Micro pellet round the method feeder.

Match Lake :- Method feeder with hard pellet, meat corn and dead red hook bait.
Method feeder loaded with micro pellet.

Catches :- Large carp and F1’s on the Match Lake.
Large carp and big catches of quality bream to all pegs on the specimen lake.

Total weight recorded during the 3 day festival – 9,975lbs
Average per angler per day :- 61-8-0

Brilliant feeder fishing enjoyed by all.

Best carp landed 26lbs
Best Bream landed 5lbs.

Superb feeder festival enjoyed by all!

Next years date are Tuesday 11th – Thursday 13th October 2022


Max Higgott (middle), with a perfect score of 3pts .  Ray lamb was second overall 4pts (weight advantage) (left) and Neil Colcombe third 4pts as well  (right).
Max Higgott (middle), with a perfect score of 3pts .
Ray lamb was second overall 4pts (weight advantage) (left) and Neil Colcombe third 4pts as well (right).

Back for 2021 is our three day Commercial Feeder Championship. Taking place on the 12th, 13th and 14th October 2021, the event will see 80 anglers lock horns at the prolific Larford Lakes, for a share of a prize fund worth over £13,000* and the overall winner could walk away with upto £3,950, inc superpools & section wins

Each competitor will draw and fish one day on the Match Lake, one day on the Specimen Lake and the third day will be an open draw.

The Championship will be scored by the way of points. Example:- 
1st in the section of 10 = 1 Point
10th in the section of 10 = 10 points
in the event of a points tie, the winner overall will be decided on weight.

Entry fee is £150 for the 3 days of fishing.

 The matches will be feeder-only, and governed by the same rules as the Golden Rod Feeder Championship, which can be viewed here…

 Golden Rod Rules

Based on a full turnout, the event will payout as follows:
1. £2,000 2. £1,000
3. £900 4. £800
5.£700 6. £600
7. £500 8. £400
Each section of 10 (8 sections) paying £50 
Plus optional Superpool paying*:
1 £600 2 £400
3 £300 4 £200
5 £100 

£20 super pools entry, based on 80 fishing & entering super pools.

*based on full entry