Larford Commercial Feeder Championship

The Larford Commercial Feeder Championships will again be hosted at Larford Lake on Tuesday 11th – Thursday 13th October 2022, (3 days), fished on both the Specimen and Match Lakes.

Each angler will fish one day on the Match Lake and on day Specimen Lake. The final 3rd day will be an open draw.

The competition is fished on a points basis and in the event of a points tie, weights overall will be the decider.

60 anglers in total per day and divided into 6 x 10 peg sections.
Each section winner daily will collect £50 per section win.

Tickets for this event normally sell quickly and is limited to 60 entries. 

Overall winner could collect £3050 (based on 60 fishing) if they win a section each day and wins the superpool daily too.

Rules are exactly the same as the Golden Rod Feeder Championship, method, open ender fixed or running. Feeder only via feeder, braid main line and hook lengths allowed. No catapults or feeding by hand.

Entry fee is £150 for the 3 days of fishing.

 Golden Rod Rules

Based on a full turnout, the event will payout as follows:
1. £2,000 2. £1,500
3. £1000 4. £500
5.£350 6. £300
7. £250 8. £200

There will also be a non-compulsory super pool of £20 per day which will be paid out to the top 3 on each lake daily.

1st – £300
2nd – £200 – Match Lake Daily
3rd – £100

1st – £300
2nd – £200 – Specimen Lake Daily
3rd – £100

Payments based on 60 anglers x 3 days (£3,600)