Golden Reel Qualifier No 5 Larford Lakes Saturday 15th May 2021

Specimen, Match and Arena Lakes.

A full house of anglers for the 5th qualifier of the series.
Conditions today looked to be difficult with a stiff breeze, highs of just 12C and heavy rain. Furthermore, rain for most of the week had reduced temperature of the water substantially. On top of all that the bream & roach had spawned so the resident carp were homing on the spawn to feed.
All that being said, weights were still impressive with 18 weights well over 100lbs mark.

Winner today and progressing to the September Grand Final was Jon Radford (Bait Tec.) with an impressive carp and F1 catch that tipped the scales at 190-8-0.
Jon drew peg 42 on the Match Lake and fished top 4 & top 5 with pellets and meat.

Second overall was Carlos Passeira (Browning) from peg 17 on the Match grass bank.
Carlos fished the bomb & pellet and corn down his edges to weigh in 176-4-0 and book his place in the semi finals.

Third placed Jordan Holloway (Preston / Sonu) also makes it through to the semi final with 165-1-0 from peg 28 on the Match burr bank.
Jordan fished pellet short and down his edges bagging an all carp and F1 catch.

4th Placed Chris Jones (Frenzee/ Bait Tec) drew peg 27 on the Match Lake landing 158-12-0 of carp and F1’s all caught on pellet short and sweet corn down his edges.

5th to the frame was last years Golden Reel champion Tony Coates from peg 22 on the Match Lake.
Tony caught short on pellet and meat down his edges to weigh in 156-8-0.

Next qualifier – Barston Lakes Sunday 23rd May.