Golden Reel Qualifier No16, The Glebe Fishery, Wednesday 6th July 2022

Conditions on the day were bright with highs of around 22C and a stiff breeze.

Winner today and progressing to the Grand Final was Adam Major (Wensom Valley / Matrix) who drew peg 104 on lake 7.
Adam fished a feeder tight across with a combination of pellet or maggot over ground bait, landing an all carp catch that tipped the scales at 168-14-0

Second overall and qualifying for the Semi Finals was Glebe regular Luke Bamford (Middy) who drew peg 5 on Lake 1
Luke fished the paste at 13m landing some big lumps to finish the day on 163-7-0.

Third to the frame was Lloyd Mahoney from peg 22 on lake 9
Lloyd weighed in 161-0-0 to pole and feeder tactics earning a placing in the September Semi Finals.

4th placed Mitchell Ross drew peg 129 on Lake 9 and fished most of his match tight down the edges on the pole and sweetcorn weighing in 153-8-0.

5th in the frame was Steve Openshaw (Mossella) from peg 112 on Lake 8.
Steve fished tight to his edges with corn  to weigh in a level 153-0-0.

Qualifier – Adam Major
Semi Finalists – Luke Bamford
Lloyd Mahoney