Larford Feeder Championships Final Qualifier round Sunday 5th October 2019

A turn out of just 14 anglers for this last qualifier fished on the burr bank of the Specimen Lake.
Heavy overnight rain rocked the form book but weights were close in both sections making an interesting and highly competitive competition.

Winner today was Alex Fulloway (HT Angling) who drew peg 14.
Alex fished both method and bomb and pellet to land an all carp catch of 91-1-0.

Second on the day was Pete Jupp from peg 4.
Peter fished bomb and pellet and method feeder to land a level 75-0-0 of carp and bream.

Third placed Craig Willis fished the method with waffters and hard pellet to weigh in 70-15-0 from peg 8.

Fourth overall was Chris Senter (Mossella UK) who drew peg 22.
Chris fished the bomb at 30m with hard pellet to land 69-6-0.

Fifth placed Jack O’Sullivan weighed in 63-11-0 from peg 6.
Jack stuck with the method feeder all match bagging carp and bream.


All qualifiers now fish the final fished over 2 day on the Specimen Lake.
The final (Day 1) Saturday 12th October (Day 2) Sunday 13th October.
Draw both days- 9am.