Larford Feeder Qualifier 13th July 2019

First on the day was Paul Collier (Leigh Tackle) from Peg 21 on the Specimen Burr.
Paul caught on method and pellet, weighing in 113-7-0.

2nd placed was Trevor Wyse (Mossella /  Cobra / Tom Thick baits) from peg 10 on the Specimen Burr
 and weighing in 104-8-0, with fish to 18lbs. Trevor caught on method at 6m with waffters.

3rd in the frame was Creg Newland (Leigh Tackle) from peg 16 on the Specimen Burr. Creg caught on method and waffter to weigh in 83-7-0.

4th was Mark Hawthorne (Bait Tech / HT Angling ) from peg 19. Mark caught on method and bomb robin reds to weigh in 68-6-0.