Colmic / Bag’em Larford Feeder Championships | Sunday 29th April 2018

Weather today for this latest Larford Feeder Championship qualifier was almost a return to January, with highs of just 4C and a bitter NE wind.
Needless to say, catching fish was always going to be difficult but true to form, the Specimen Lake fished well despite the winter temperatures.

Winner today was Simon Deakin (Tubertini) who drew peg 80.
Simon fished the method short with boilies and corn and later cast down his edges to find carp to 15lbs and recording a weight of 112-09-00.

Second on the day was Paul Cook (Frenzee) who drew peg 78.
Paul started his match fishing the method long with pellet hook bait and later switched to his short line and down the edge to weigh 105-02-00 of carp and bream.

Third Placed Pete Jones (Colmic) drew peg 14 on the burr and fished the method long with waffters and later switched to his edge to find carp to 18lbs and record a section winning weight of 99-11-00.

Fourth on the day was Paul Thomas (Marks Tackle) who drew peg 72.
Paul fished mainly short on the method feeder with corn to weigh 82-04-00 of carp and bream.

Fifth on the day was Perry Mountain (HT angling) who drew peg 64. Perry fished the pellet feeder with yellow waffters to weigh 81-15-00

Sixth placed Mick Bull (Frenzee) drew peg 20 and fished the method long with waffters to find six early carp.
Later switching to his short line, Mick found a couple more carp and a good bag of bream to weigh 71-12-00