Golden Reel Qualifier No 4, Larford Lakes Saturday 22nd April 2023

A good turnout for this latest qualifier with the Specimen & Match Lakes hosting the match.
Conditions today, not ideal with a near frost on the previous evening and highs of just 12C.
Heavy rain overnight, also cooling down the water temperature and reducing oxygen levels.

Winner today and on his way to the September final was Des Shipp (Preston) who drew peg 32 on the Match Lake.
Des fished meat for all the match short landing large carp and F1’s that scaled in at 229-0-0.

Second placed Ben Evenden (Pablorwc Floats) drew peg 27 on the Match Lake, fishing short on pellet and down his edges on dead reds weighing in 164-0-0 and securing a place in the Semi- Final.

Third overall was George Neacsa who drew peg 33 on the Match Lake.
George forgot to pack his pole so could only fish a method feeder but still landed 161-14-0 and secured a place in the Semi Finals.
George caught carp and F1’s down his edges.

Fourth overall was Jason Davies who drew peg 1 on the Match Lake. Jason caught on the Method feeder and later on the pole down his edge to weigh in 126-10-0.

Fifth to frame was Mick Bull (Bagem) who drew peg 24 on the Specimen Lake.
Mick fished the pellet waggler with pellet hook baits weighing in 117-10-0 of big carp.

Qualifier – Des Shipp

Semi Finalists
Ben Evenden
George Neacsa