Golden Reel Qualifier No6 Moorlands Farm Fishery Saturday 7th May 2022

Conditions today were favourable with clear sky’s and highs of around 18C and a gentle breeze.
Needless to say, there was lots of carp swimming shallow but not easy to catch.

Winner today and progressing to the September Grand Final was Matt Dawes (Preston) who drew peg 30 on Meadows.
Matt made the most of his end peg draw by fishing shallow with pellet and later down his edges again with pellet hook baits, weighing in a brilliant 293-10-0 of quality carp.

Second overall was Jimmy Brooks (Sonu Baits) who drew peg 15 on the Bank Pool.
Jimmy caught shallow on the long pole on pellet and also alternated with bomb & Pellet to weigh in 202-8-0.
Jimmy automatically qualifies for the September Semi Finals.

Third to the frame was Andy Bennett (Guru / Blakes Baits) from peg 28 on High Meadows.
Andy’s attack was worm over pellet down his edges weighing in 184-7-0 of carp and F1’s.
Andy also qualifies for the Semi Final.

Fourth placed Chris Hill (Mossella) drew peg 20 on High Meadows weighing in 163-4-0 on soft pellet fished at 5m

Fifth overall was Jon Newton (Smithies) with 140-6-0 all caught on the long pole shallow with pellets.