Golden Reel Qualifier No8, Larford Lakes, Wednesday July 1st 2020

Lakes – Match & Specimen

This latest mid-week qualifier was not so well supported with 61 anglers participating.
Conditions on the day were humid with highs of around 20C, a gentle breeze with mainly overcast skies and light showers.

Winner overall and progressing to the September Grand Final was James Evans (Solihull AC / Smithies Angling) from fancies peg 46 on the Match Lake burr bank.
James fished bomb & pellet early in the match and then reverted to long pole shallow with pellet. Later switching to his edges, the carp and f1’s were lined up.
His feed was pellet down the edges with a banded 6 or 8mm hook pellet.
Landing 227-9-0 for a comfortable victory.

Second on the day was Barry Byrd (Dot’em Down) from peg 33 on the Match Lake.
Barry fished the long pole shallow with pellet catching prime carp and F1s.
Later switching to his edges with corn, Barry ended the day with 178-0-0. Baz has already qualified for the semi final.

Third placed Dave Crandon, drew peg 37 on the Match Lake.
Dave fished the long pole shallow with pellet and later down his edges landing an all carp and F1 catch, tipping the scales at 155-13-0.
Dave book a place in the September Golden Reel Semi Final.

Fourth to the frame was Dale Jackson from the Match Lake, Peg 16 with 147-6-0.
Dale fished the pole short with banded 6mm pellet and later down his edges.
Dale also books his place in the Semi final on Wednesday 9th September 2020.

Fifth placed Rob Taylor (Daiwa) drew peg 31 on the Match Lake, landing 137-8-0 to pole and pellet and meat down his edges, bagging some big carp and F1’s.

Sixth in the frame was Simon Parker from peg 36 on the Match Lake with 136-9-0 all caught shallow on the long pole & pellet.

Qualifier – James Evans
Semi finalist –
Dave Crandon
Dale Jackson