Golden Reel Qualifier The Glebe Fishery Saturday 29th June 2019

Lakes 1-9 were pegged for the 73 strong field of anglers. Conditions today could be compared with Spain with highs of 33C, no breeze and breathless.
Many of the resident carp were swimming shallow so ‘mugging’ was the order of the day for many of the competitors.

Winner today was Steve Barraclough (Browing) who drew peg 129 on lake 9.
Steve fished the edges for the full duration of the match fishing hard pellet over micro’s to weigh 234-10-00.
Steve clinches the 15th qualifier of the campaign and a shot at the £50k winners purse in September.

Second overall was Gregg Cooper (Dynamite) from peg 89 on pool 6.
Gregg’s approach was shallow with pellet fishing the pole wherever he spotted cruising carp.
His shallow tactics produced a weight of 231-12-00, just 3lbs behind the winner.

Third to the frame was Sam Collett (Guru / Dynamite) from peg 1 on pool 1.
Sam fished the pole shallow with hard pellet plus a few fish to pellet waggler and later down his edges to weigh in 217-14-00.

Fourth overall was Mikey Williams (Guru) from peg 82 on pool 5.
Mike fished all day with casters shallow landing 213-11-00.

Fifth to the frame was Andy Oldham (Maver) from peg 99 on pool 7.
Andy fished shallow with pellet to record 208-02-00 of carp to 10lbs.

Sixth placed Mark Griffiths (Guru) drew peg 76 on pool 5 and fished the long pole shallow to weigh in 193-15-00.

Our thanks to Roy and his team from The Glebe for hosting a brilliant qualifier despite the scorching conditions, the complex produced 28 weights over 100lbs and 4 weights over the magical 200lbs.

Next qualifier is Heron Brook Saturday 13th July 2019.