Golden Rod Feeder | Barston Lakes | Saturday 17th February 2018

 A full 60 anglers turned out for this latest qualifier. Conditions were cold & wet for the first half of the match and pegging had to be changed due to ice in certain areas. 
The field was impressive with a number of England feeder internationals participating.

Winner on the day by a country mile was Steve Ringer (Guru / Daiwa) who drew peg 12. Clearly, this was an area where people wanted to draw and true to form, it produced the winning weight. Steve fished the method long with orange waffters and started the match well, landing a 14lb carp first cast. Steve went on to catch steady all match landing more quality carp and F1’s with the odd skimmer to weigh a level 90lbs.

2nd on the day was Steve Beard who drew peg 23. Steve fished the method and cage feeder landing carp & bream to weigh 16-14-00

3rd placed Mark O’Neill drew peg 58 landing a superb 15lb carp on the method and one single bream to weigh 16-04-00 which was enough to win his zone of 20.

4th placed Rob Brennan drew peg 10, next to Steve Ringer. Rob had liners all day but couldn’t contact with the fish that were clearly there in numbers.He did manage a couple of carp late into the match weighing in 15-14-00 to the method and waffters. 

5th placed Glen Picton drew peg 34 finding bream on the cage feeder to weigh 13-12-00


Qualifiers for the March Final (Winner of zone of 20)-

Steve Ringer 90-00-00

Mark O’Neill 16-04-00

Brian Clark 10-01-00


Section winners (Every 10 pegs)

Section A – Matt Benwell 11-14-00
Section B – Prezmek Solski 10-06-00
Section C – Eddie Bridon 8-02-00
Section D – Dave Berry 7-04-00
Section E – Gaz Donaldson 9-00-00
Section F – Brian Clark 10-01-00

Our thanks are extended to Barston Lakes for hosting this latest qualifier.