Golden Rod Feeder | Boddington Reservoir | Saturday 20th October 2018

A full 60 peg sell out for the second qualifier of the series.
Conditions were favourable with a gentle breeze and highs of around 16C.

Winner, and making his way to the Grand Final in March was Martin Harrell who drew peg 97.
Martin fished at distance with a hybrid feeder and ringers waffters landing 146-00-00 of carp

2nd on the day was Chris Pavlou with 126-08-00 from peg 100.
Chris also fished at distance with the hybrid feeder and waffters netting some quality carp.

3rd to the frame was Wayne Robinson who drew peg 85.
Again, the hybrid feeder came into play with various ringer waffters, which accounted for a fine catch of 113-04-00.

4th overall was Adam Wakelin from peg 110.
Adam fished at distance weighing in 108-12-00 to the hybrid feeder with waffter hook baits.

5th in the match was Richie Edmunds from peg 10.
Richie landed 93lbs to the hybrid feeder fished at distance with waffter hook baits.


Martin Harrell
Chris Pavlou
Charlie Simpson