Golden Rod Feeder Larford Lakes Saturday 22nd December 2018

Another 60 peg sellout. Conditions today were wet but fairly warm with highs of around 10C. It was debatable, today as to where it would be won as all week, both lakes were wind and rain lashed with levels starting to creep back to normal winter levels.

Winner today with a comfortable overall win was Steve Seabourne who drew peg 30 on the Match Lake.
Steve fished a small hybrid feeder close to the weed bed, fishing corn and waffters on the hook, landing 131-03-00 of carp and F1’s to progress to the March 2019 Grand Final.

Second overall was Micheal Buchwalder (Preston) who drew peg 18 on the Match Lake.
Fishing at around half way across and later down his edges with Method and banded hook baits. Mick went on to weigh 81-14-00 of carp and F1’s.

Third placed Paul Cook (Frenzee) drew peg 22 on the Match Lake weighing in 79-02-00 of carp to a small method feeder and boilies.

Fourth on the day was Ian White from peg 78 on the Specimen Lake.
Ian fished a method at distance with waffters landing carp and bream for a weight of 68-08-00.

Fifth to the frame was Rob Blackburn (Browning) who fished a method feeder at distance from peg 80 on the Specimen Lake.
Fishing waffter hook baits, Rob finished the day with 58-13-00 of carp and bream.

Sixth overall was Liam Hart with 52-10-00 from peg 66 on the Specimen Lake.
Liam fished a method feeder with mini boilies and waffters landing carp and bream.

Zone of 20 peg qualifiers –
Zone A – Steve Seabourne 131-03-00
Zone B – Ian White 68-08-00
Zone C – John Jones 35-07-00

Our thanks to the Larford Lakes staff for hosting this latest qualifier.