Golden Rod Feeder | Patshull Park | Saturday 21st October 2017

A near sell out of 58 anglers faced awful conditions in this latest Golden Rod Feeder championship qualifier. 

Gale force winds lashed the lake so pegging had to be changed for safety reasons. 


All that being said, those that found a little shelter caught fish and it was Richard Hoskins who won overall with the catch of small skimmers for 15lbs 10-0 

Richard fished at 40 yards with a cage feeder and dead reds winning by only 1oz over the second place angler.


So in second overall position it was Simon Harris who weighed in 15 lbs  9 oz.

Simon found two bonus trench to help boost his weight and put him in the March final

Simon fish a cage feeder with worms.


Third place Maurice Williams weighed 12 pounds 1 ounce of skimmers on feeder fished at 30 yards with pinkies.


4th on the day was Richard Lawson who caught small skimmers and roach on red worms


1st Overall Richard Hoskins Peg 13

2nd Overall Simon Harris peg 26

3rd Overall Maurice Williams peg 27

4th Overall Rich Lawson peg 12

5th Overall Steve Mcqueen peg 25


Qualifiers for the March Final (Winner of zone of 20)

Richard Hoskins 15-10-00

Simon Harris 15-09-00

Kevin Hill 12-01-00


Section winners (Every 10 pegs)

Ronnie Ranson

Rich King

D Willan

Lee Prophet

Kevin Hill

Rob Brennan