Larford Feeder Championship Final 

Specimen Lake

Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th October 2019

Following the 10 summer qualification rounds, the poor support meant that only 12 anglers fished the final.

On the day, only 11 anglers registered on the 2 day final.

Conditions for the event on day 1 was good with no rain, a gentle breeze and highs of around 15C.


The final was split onto 2 sections with 6 pegs on the burr and 5 on the chalet bank for day 1.


Day 1

Winner of day 1 was Mick Bull (Frenzee /  Bag’em) from peg 12 on the burr.
Mick caught on both method and bomb and pellet landing a fine bag of carp tipping the scales at 130-7-0.

Second overall on day 1 was Warren Jennings (Bag’em) from peg 16.
Warren fished the bomb for most of the day and later the method down his edge to weigh in 113-7-0

Third placed Paul Stafford drew peg 76 on the chalet, staying well in contention with 76-7-0 to the method feeder.

Day 2

Being a two day overall weight match, there was a number of anglers who were in contention  and each day 1 section switched to the opposite banks.

Winner overall on day 2 was again inform Mick Bull (Frenzee / Bag’em) who drew peg 60 on the chalet bank.
Mick fished both the bomb and pellet and method at distance searching out his fish from a number of lines.
Mick finished day 2 with a brilliant carp catch weighing in 163-7-0.

Second overall on day 2 was Gregg Newland from peg 80 on the Chalet bank.
Gregg fished a simple match casting the bomb and pellet short to record an impressive 151-7-0 of quality carp.

Third on the day was Jason Mackey from peg 20 on the burr with 144-4-0 to both bomb and pellet and method feeder.

Overall after 2 days

  Day 1 Day 2 Total
1st   Mick Bull 130-7-0  163-7-0  293-14-0
2st   Gregg Newland 66-14-0  151-7-0  218-5-0
3st   Paul Stafford 76-7-0  129-10-0  206-1-0
4st   Mark Hawthorn     186-0-0
5st   Jason Mackey     180-1-0
6st   Warren Jennings     177-3-0

Grand Final

Larford Feeder Championship

Day 1 Sunday 12th October Draw 9am
Day 2 Sunday 13th October Draw 9am


The final will be fished on a points basis and in the event of a points tie, weight will decide.

Pools on the day, £25 per man per day (not compulsory)

Qualifiers –
Mick Bull
Warren Jennings
Gregg Newland
Mark Hawthorne
Paul Collier
Scott Chipchase
Jason Mackey
Fran O’Rielly
Alan Sutton
Paul Stafford
Alex Fulloway
Peter Jupp



26 finalist took part in the first Larford feeder Championship.
12 qualifiers at Larford Lakes took place throughout the summer with section winners of a 10 peg zone making their way to the Grand Final.

Fished over 2 days, the Specimen Lake was moody with fancied pegs not producing the big weights.
Rules were feeder fishing only for the 2 day final.

Winner overall, was Jason Mackey, who drew peg 60 on day one recording a weight of 56-12-00.
Day 2, Jason drew peg 22 weighing in 106-04-00 so resulting a 2 day total of 163-00-00.
Jason fished the method feeder with waffters to win the title and pocket a massive £2000.

In Second place overall was Mick Bull (Frenzee / Bag’em) who drew peg 76 on day 1 returning a level 60lbs.
Day 2 put him on peg 24 which returned him 102-09-00 of quality carp to the method fished at distance.
His cumulative weight was 162-09-00, just 7oz short of the winner.
Mick collected a cash prize of £1500.

3rd overall was Richard Lawson (Total Angling) who drew peg 18 on day 1.
Rich fished the method at distance weighing in 122-02-00 for a comfortable day one win.
Day 2, Richard drew peg 68, which was an area that simply did not fish.
Rich managed one single carp and some small bream to weigh 19-09-00.
Day two’s result cost him heavily so his 2 day total was 141-11-00.

4th to the frame was Ian Morrison (Matrix) who drew peg 12 on day 1 weighing in 69-08-00 to the method feeder fished at distance.
Day 2, Ian drew peg 74 and again fished the method at distance weighing in 64-10-00 for a cumulative two day total of 134-02-00.
Ian collected £500.

So in total, the 26 peg final paid out a staggering £5000 plus £400 in section prizes.